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The Best Carpet Cleaning Company Near You in Texas

The carpets are comfy and make your place look nice. They’re like big filters that grab dirt and dust. When you step on them, the dirt can damage the carpet. To keep your carpets nice and your home healthy, pros say to clean them pro-style every 24 months. Ready to begin? Find out how to pick the best carpet cleaning company near you and see what they can do for you.

Local Carpet Cleaners Offer a Wide Range of Services

Carpet cleaners give your whole wall carpet a really good cleaning. What each company does can be different. The basic cleaning services from professional carpet cleaners come in a bunch of different types.

Carpet Cleaning

This service is for your whole carpet. The process usually starts with vacuuming, then either steam or chemical cleaning. They might also add a fresh smell and put on a protector to stop stains in the future.

Area Rug Cleaning

People use area rugs at home to shield hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpets. Getting pros to clean them makes sure they stay nice, getting rid of dirt and dust. Lots of carpet cleaning companies can clean your area rugs. The cost depends on how big and what material your rug is.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services can also clean your furniture. The fabric on furniture can catch dust, pollen, and crumbs, similar to carpets. Usually, you’ll need to pay extra for this additional service.

Specialty Stain Removal

Cleaning carpets is a simple way to get rid of lots of stains. But for stubborn stains like permanent markers, paint, or pet urine, you might need special treatment.

Other Surface Cleaning

Certain carpet cleaners can also tidy up hard surfaces. These surfaces might be tile or ceramic in places like bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and patios. Some companies offer services for cleaning both tile and grout, as well as overall surface cleaning.

How to Find a Carpet Cleaner Near You

Choosing the best carpet cleaning company can be tricky with lots of options. Think about what services you need, the products they use, and how professional they are. Remember these important things when picking a carpet cleaner.

Their Cleaning Methods

There are two ways to clean carpets: steam and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is cheaper and more common. It uses hot water to get rid of deep stains. Dry cleaning uses special chemicals sprinkled on the carpet to clean up stains and debris. Pick the method that suits your carpet’s material and how bad the stains are.


A company with experience will know what to do, and work safely on your carpet type. They will know how to remove any type of stain.

Insurance, Licensing, and Bonding

A company that performs a service in your home should be licensed, bonded, and insured. The company must also pay for any damages to furniture or other property that may occur as a result of the cleaning service.

What Products Do They Use?

What type of carpet cleaning fluids does the company use? For homes with children, pets, or allergies, a company that uses eco-friendly options is the best choice.


Reviews of cleaning companies are a great way to learn how they interact with customers. You can learn how a company responds to both positive and negative feedback by comparing the two.

Here are some CarpetMax reviews:

“I was really thinking about purchasing new carpet for my rooms but after I called Carpetmax to get my carpet cleaned it looks as good as new. So I saved lots of money. I highly recommend Carpetmax!” – Mary Y.

“Called for an appointment and they had me scheduled the following morning. The tech was polite, professional, and he did an amazing job on my carpets. I will definitely be using Carpet Max the next time I need carpet cleaning services!!! Great customer service guys!!!!” – Cas N.


You can get a better idea of the price of cleaning services by getting quotes from different companies. The quotes can be used to compare the services to make sure you get the best deal.

CarpetMax: The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Odessa, Texas

Maintaining a clean and healthy home or office involves taking care of your carpets. Over time, carpets collect dirt, dust mites, allergens, and other stuff that not only make your space look less nice but can also be bad for your health. That’s where regular professional carpet cleaning comes in. It’s crucial to get rid of these deep-down impurities and bring your carpets back to their best condition.

At CarpetMax, we’re all about providing top-notch carpet cleaning services that go beyond what you expect. We’re a family-owned business serving Odessa, Midland, and nearby areas. We take pride in creating lasting relationships with our customers by doing high-quality work and earning your trust.

Why Choose CarpetMax for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs?

Expertise and Experience

Our team of experienced carpet cleaning technicians possesses in-depth knowledge of carpet care and utilizes industry-leading techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Advanced Cleaning Methods

We employ state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment and safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens without harming your carpets or the environment.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure your carpets receive the personalized attention they deserve. Our flexible scheduling options and transparent pricing ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Wide Range of Services

In addition to residential and commercial carpet cleaning, we offer a variety of additional services to enhance your indoor environment, including tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and water damage restoration.

Experience the CarpetMax Difference

If your carpets need a good cleaning or special care after water damage, CarpetMax is the place to go. Reach out today to set up a free consultation. Our team of experts is ready to make your carpets look great and feel comfy.

Why Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service?

It’s a good idea to give your carpet a deep clean every 24 months. If your carpet gets a lot of use, has pets, or you’re a parent with little ones or a busy household, it’s better to deep clean it at least once a year. For small spills, you can either clean that spot yourself or rent a machine. If your carpet has delicate fibers or is hard to clean, it’s best to call in the pros.

DIY vs. Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service

Renting carpet cleaning equipment is a budget-friendly do-it-yourself project. It’s usually cheaper than hiring professionals. Keep in mind the cost of cleaning solutions recommended for the machine. The equipment options vary depending on where you rent, but they might not be as powerful as professional carpet cleaners. Doing it yourself is great for lightly soiled carpets or small areas.

What to Ask a Carpet Cleaning Service

Here are some questions to ask after you’ve narrowed down the top choices for carpet cleaning. This will ensure you receive the best possible service. Answers can reveal a lot about the company’s experience and reputation.

How Long Has Your Business Been Running?

Customer reviews can provide insight into the way a company treats its clients. The length of time that the company has been operating will show if the cleaners have a stable customer base.

What Type of Cleaning Products and Equipment Do You Utilize?

Make sure the products and equipment used by the cleaners will not invalidate your carpet warranty.

Do You Vacuum the Carpet Before Cleaning It?

It is standard practice to vacuum carpets before deep cleaning. This makes a big difference. Some companies allow consumers to vacuum before deep cleaning to reduce costs.

What Is the Price of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

The cost is decided by the size of the cleaned area, not the number of rooms. Even if a company gives a “room price,” it’s based on square feet because rooms vary a lot in size. Before the cleaner comes to your place, you should be able to get an estimate using the average size of rooms. Some cleaners might prefer to do a visual check before giving you an estimate.

Do You Move Furniture?

To ensure a positive experience, it is important to know what services are included. You may want to move any fragile or valuable items before cleaning if the company will be moving the furniture.

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Carpets on Average?

The price for carpet cleaning varies based on factors like the size and type of your carpet, and where you live. Usually, it’s around $.20 to $.40 per square foot. To get the most accurate estimate, ask a carpet cleaner for a free quote.

What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Steam cleaning is the most popular and best professional carpet cleaning technique. Steam cleaning is the most effective method for removing dirt and bacteria.

When Is the Best Time to Clean Carpets in the Winter?

You should clean your carpet during warm, dry days so that you can open your windows and allow the air to circulate. Air circulation helps to dry your carpet quicker after cleaning.

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