Tile and Grout Cleaning

We Remove Dirt from Tile and Grout! Don’t Waste Your Time Scrubbing That Grout with a Toothbrush on Your Knees.

We utilize powerful specialized equipment and products that are available only for professionals – store-bought products simply cannot compare in efficiency:

  • 100% safe, non-toxic formula breaks down and loosens soiling that is embedded in grout
  • Vacuum-contained rinsing system blasts away all the dirt with pressurized hot water leaving the tile and grout clean and dry
  • Optional sealing and buffing gives the tile shiny look and keeps it easy to clean for months to come

Tired of your hard floor that refuses to come clean? CarpetMax Tile and Grout Cleaning has the quick fix for you. We deliver the results that meets or exceeds your expectations.No need to waste days scrubbing grout lines with store-bought chemicals and a toothbrush.

tile and grout cleaning before after
tile and grout cleaning before after

Grout is a thin line of concrete. The best way to clean concrete is pressure washing, which would make a big mess if used on kitchen or living room floors.

CarpetMax Tile and Grout Cleaning uses a state-of-the-art truckmounted machine which provides high heat, high pressure water essential to blast dirt. Designed tile cleaning tools catch the splashes leaving no mess.

tile and grout cleaning odessa tx
tile and grout cleaning in odessa tx

CarpetMax 5 Step Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Preinspection
  • Furniture Moving
  • Prevacuuming
  • Pretreatment and Scrubbing
  • Hot Water Rinsing

Our technicians begin with inspecting the areas, walkthrough with the client evaluating the concerns and identify and organize a work plan. We move furniture and appliances to reach as much area as possible, instead of just cleaning traffic areas. Then we thoroughly dry vacuum the surface to remove all the dust and loose dirt.

Next step is to apply safe, biodegradable cleaning solution to break down soil buildup and stains, machine-scrubb the entire area. Grout lines require hand-scrubbing with a designed grout brush.

Some areas may need repeat agitation to ensure deep clean.

Hot water under high pressure washes out all the mess while vacuuming it up immediately.

At this point tile will be clean and practically dry.

After the hard floors have been professionally cleaned, we highly recommend application of sealants to create a protective barrier that preserves the lasting beauty of the tile.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Odessa, TX – Surfaces We Clean

carpetmax tile and grout cleaning
natural stone tile and grout cleaning
  • Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning (Ceramic, Marble, Trevertine, Granite, Terrazo, Saltillo etc.)
  • Bathroom Tile Cleaning
  • Wall Tile Cleaning
  • Stained Concrete Cleaning
  • Natural Stone Cleaning
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Counter Tops and Backsplash Cleaning
  • Outdoor Tile Cleaning