Carpet Cleaning Odessa, TX

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IICRC recommends to get carpets professionally steam cleaned every 6 to 12 months. Even more frequently if you have small kids and pets to make sure you are maintaining healthy surrounding for them. Professional carpet cleaning every so often removes buildup of dust, soiling as well as allergens.

If you have used bonnet cleaners before, you are familiar with all the residue left behind which attracts more dirt buildup in a short period of time. It is simply not possible to transfer pounds of dirt to a piece of towel. Sure it looks a little cleaner than it did. But all the soiling has been pushed deeper into the carpet. Combined with the chemicals used in the process your carpet is now even more contaminated and traps even more dirt.

Superior Green Carpet Cleaning Midland-Odessa, TX

carpet stain removal with steam cleaning
carpet cleaning

Cleaning methods utilized by CarpetMax are recommended  by all leading carpet manufacturers, including Shaw,                 Mohawk and Lee.

Hot water fiber rinsing, also known as steam cleaning, removes oily, sticky soiling and leaves the carpet fibers truly clean, free of soapy residue.

CarpetMax 7-step carpet cleaning process

  • Pre-inspection
  • Furniture moving
  • Thorough dry vacuuming
  • Pretreatment, spotting
  • Orbital scrubbing and agitation
  • Hot water fiber rinsing
  • Carpet grooming

Pre-inspection/walk-through all the areas to be cleaned communicating with the client about their concerns. Our technicians are trained to evaluate and determine a game plan for that particular project (what spotters to apply based on the types of stains present etc).

We move and reset the pieces of furniture that has been discussed prior with the client. We place designed furniture blocks to prevent any damage to property.

Thorough HEPA pre-vacuuming, included as an important step of the process, removes dry loose soiling which will boost the overall efficiency of steam cleaning. We rake the carpet along this step to lift up the piles that has matting and crushing.

The technician then will address spots and stains utilizing designed spotting agents. Next step is to pretreat all the area with CarpetMax’s professional strength non-toxic cleaning solution. This green, biodegradable solution along with deodorizer emulsifies embedded dirt, eliminates unpleasant odors making it ready to be rinsed out.

Specialized orbital scrubbing machine agitation is vital in breaking down soils and stain release process, especially on traffic areas.

carpet cleaning in a customers house in midland tx
carpet cleaning in a customers house in midland tx

Heated, pressurized fresh water rinsing removes now liquified waste. Powered by a truckmounted commercial-grade machine provides unparalleled efficiency. Washing with neutral hot water leaves the carpet clean and smelling fresh.

Gentle raking/grooming will give the freshly cleaned carpet a uniform look and raise the piles allowing better air flow for faster drying.

Optional services offered by CarpetMax include application of highly recommended Scotchgard® stain protection. Skilled technicians apply protectant to the carpet so it develops a barrier between the fibers and soiling. Which in return allows routine cleaning much easier and prolongs the longevity of carpet.

pet stains and odor removal from carpet in odessa tx
pet stains and odor removal from carpet in odessa tx